About Us

Our family dream came true when we moved to Whitmore Lake to our "Bauernhof". Shortly after we found our cat "Pumpkin", Christmas brought our Nigerian goats "Mama Lavern" and "Baby Lovey". "Leather", a retired western pleasure champion from the 80’s and our chicken and ducks arrived in the following spring. Our two dogs "Muddy" and "Maggie" as well as "Flower", our duck, moved with us. We also consider our bunnies "Mohok" and "Timmy" a part of our family. They were kindly given to us by Sydnee’s teacher. Recently, we rescued "Buddy", a benny rooster. He’s the cutest and he’s a very nice and kind soul.

Over the past 15 years, Caro has worked in student travel industries and services for many collectives, including Pioneer Bands and Orchestra’s Travel, just to name a few. While servicing over a thousand students traveling to destinations around the world, she spent the last three years studying early childhood education and worked in infant and German preschool classrooms as lead teacher. She finds such a joy getting to know your kids and sharing her German heritage and culture with your family. Born and raised in Karl-Marx-Stadt, she moved to the States in the mid-90’s and enjoyed many years of education in organizing youth travel and early childhood training. She also loves to take care of things, is a true problem solver, mother of two beautiful children, very ambitious and full of energy.

The man on our farm is Josh. Being the great dad he is, he takes care of anything that needs a strong hand. He’s a qualified and experienced mechanic that knows how to fix things. Furthermore, his hobby seems to bring out the kid in him too: He loves to build and race radio controlled cars. And coming soon he will also maintain, supervise and host R/C workshops on our own R/C race track.

Sydnee is our fun and caring daughter. She loves taking care of little ones and even practices on her real baby dolls. Both the German and English language are native to her, so she loves to help out in the language workshops whenever she can. She is our Junior Tutor and animals are her world.

Laenie is a lovely, little girl that is very curious about the world she lives in. She enjoys having other kids over to entertain and share her toys with, just like her sister. Both have tremendous fun while doing many outdoor activities that they’d love to share with your kids as well. She's always the chicks' mother hen.