English / German language workshop

S&L Bauernhof is a recreational family farm where spending time outdoors is an essential part of growing up. Your children will learn to respect and take care of his or her immediate surroundings and nature itself. There are so many things that the outdoors can teach and provide a joyful time.

Our workshops: We are making sure your child’s day on our little farm is going to be a beautiful experience. While immersed into German, we learn new things, play interesting games and take care of animals. A variety of activities include animal care and play, learning about basic ground manners with goats and mini horse, gardening, picnics, sports, and many more fun things to do!

The "Wintergarten" / classroom is a perfect compliment to the outdoor activities as it offers a view of the animals while creating crafts and strengthening our German skills.

If you are interested in spending some time with us, please sign up for a workshop via eMail.

Children Enrichment Services with focus on German language

We take your trust serious and provide only the best for your child. Our team is trained in early childhood education language development and attends first-aid courses every year.

We appreciate technology, but we won’t watch television, play video games or surf the web to make time pass. There are much more engaging ways to experience today’s technologies, especially in our language enrichment workshops.

Our team consists of Caro, Amy and our Junior Tutors Sydnee and Laenie.